Monday, 14 February 2011

Day 215

I'm back. And I need to slip back into this poetry mode easily I feel. So just a short one today. An announcement to make too - i've been accepted on a Masters degree in Creative Writing at Exeter University and I'm so psyched about it - as most of you will know who are my friends on Facebook.

It's such a big deal for me because more than anything I want to call myself a writer. I want to write novels (I am writing a novel!) but without the confidence, contacts and technique that a course like this will give me, it is hard to imagine it ever happening for real. To see my book on a Waterstones stand is a dream.

I had to send them some examples of my writing which included 6 poems from this blog. So I guess that if I hadn't been writing this I may not have got on the programme. I also sent them a short story and the first chapter of the aforementioned novel. I guess it did the trick. Anyhow this is a little poem about dipping your toe in again.

Wild Swimming

Airdried and
warmed by summer sun -
the urge to stay that way
overwhelming. But
without the plunge
without the dive
into dark waters again -
We are nothing.