Saturday, 18 October 2014

It's been a while...

Hey you,
I've been pretty busy the last few months, both physically and mentally; lots of aliveness and along with that, lots of thinking, going on.
I've been teaching my own devised short story writing course; Totnes Writers' Playshop , which I'm loving so much. Plus finishing off the sequel to Dark Sleepers & writing another short story to sell. I'm also looking into funding to run a workshop in Exeter with Dan Metcalf friend and writer.
But I haven't stopped writing the poems - they've been churning out of me most days. Currently, I'm into week 4 of my MA poetry course, which has been a revelation, and I think, it's taken even my meagre words to a whole new level.

I'll share one that came out of an exercise on Wednesday that looked at traces left behind. Showing presence in absense...

Brushing cake crumbs
from clothes
into dead ash,
the bare warm seat
still sighs
sunken like tired eyes,
still stinging from your scent
as it clings to molecules
not yet homed.

Clustered round the half-empty
glass, or to you half-full, 
are remnants,
skin-cells, a golden hair
or two.
Two sticky rings
from clumsy coffee cups.