Thursday, 23 August 2012

This one hit me today; inspired by the release of the GCSE results

(for Gabriel)

You are one of them -
the 5% that exist head down
in the corridors.  Buried in a book that
takes ages to
read; red in the face from
getting things wrong.

Quiet and small; fringe grown long -
too scared to walk
tall. Stuck in a puddle muddied
by their scorn.

And yet -

You are one of them - 
who fly into
the wind, to make themselves
stronger. Refuse to give in. 
Answer bullies with grins - holding tight
to that passion that burns in
your bones. A purpose;
a reason to break free from
the clones.

Big hearted; straight spined and
uniquely defined.

Be ready;
the right door is
at last swinging ajar. It
needs just one tiny shove -
a deep breath; a step through.
It needs you.