Sunday, 1 November 2015

Poetry Schmoetry

Busy doing stuff.
So, once a year blogposts seem to be the order of the day *ahem* year... How could I let a year go by without updating, especially as I'm pretty sure I've written about a million poems in that space of time. And probably without too much exaggeration.

Poetry as always has been a good friend to me. It's always a way for me to access, reassess and make sense of my emotions. It also helps me with getting my thoughts in order.

An old friend used to say that poetry is the merging of the technical and the emotional. That definition works for me in many ways. Not least because for me it's a process that allows me to attempt to make sense of feelings and take them to a brain level by choosing and fitting that feeling into words... Sometimes it helps. sometimes it diminishes the feeling which can be helpful in some circumstances, but mostly it puts it into another perspective which can be really helpful.

In September I embarked on a Facebook challenge to post a poem a day onto a challenge page. I didn't miss too many days - even if I did cheat a bit by occasionally posting an edited version of an old poem (so spank me)....

Here's a couple of the new non-cheating ones:

Simplicity, he said,
Makes deeper seas
In which we can swim.
Complexity, she said,
Warms the water,
Wards off goosebumps.
Clarity, he said,
Means bigger fish
Follow the boat.
Obscurity, she said,
Makes them swim
Right into the net.

You can borrow my body
I have no need of her today.
Landscaped lawns
Preened and weeded
With a little wild corner 
Set aside for the fairies.
Sunshine makes shadows 
As readily as trees.
You can have me today 
From my ears to my knees.

Swallows circle
in autumn air
as thin as gossamer 
and yet as swollen
as this gilded lily
who awaits your command.
They will fly south soon
as sure as this next hour
will swoop into another, 
bringing me back
to circle over
this ploughed field. 
You let me go
and therefore
I came back. 

I think it might be time for another poetry challenge... any ideas?

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