Monday, 9 May 2011

Enough already.

Hey let's get away from the idea that this has failed miserably - which it has! Let's just say that I have learned something from the experience and move on.

I still intend to write as much poetry as I can but the novel must be my focus until July. I have scheduled in 500 words writing a day until then, when I calculate I will have a passable first draft.

So all good still writing, and actually a first line did come to me today while I was washing up. My usual means of achieving inspiration!

Here is it: the meaning is slightly cloaked but I wanted to try and capture that elusive thing that keeps us alive and in love when our relationships are not so good. I may come back and edit it a little after the school run. Until then enjoy its virgin state.

That Thing

That thing you gave me yesterday – it

shines and sparkles still. Star-like in our

cloudy skies, an item in the night to

cling to when my love flies

away to exercise her wings.

I’ve placed it on a dusty shelf so I

can see it when we rage. And when we

say what we do not mean it glitters

enticingly and I know that the anger

will flitter away.

For that thing is wedded to my skin – it

holds what we’re about. And I know –

I know that even when not on shelf and

show, when my love is so far to not

be seen – it sparkles.

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