Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Return of Me

Autumn has descended and of that I'm glad. This is my favourite time of year. Something about the bonfires, winey stews, apples, the closing evenings makes me want to batten down the windows and retreat - and I love it. It's a creative season for me. I want to hold words, take them and conjure something from them. Hardly ever successfully but in a way - that's the point.

It's a season to make mistakes, take risks, push inside yourself and find what's there. And there's always something there. Whether it be a shallow flaccid, hardly-there fragment of yourself or the bold warrier woman that you're hoping for.

I'm challenging myself to write three poems about my local area for a competition so I might as well do it publically he he. I haven't written observational poems like this very often mine (as you will see if you scroll back) are mainly self absorbed. But why not take some risks?

Light the woodburner and settle down.

1 comment:

  1. good luck with the competition.

    Long time no blog!

    Welcome back

    Molly-Mole...your bff


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