Thursday, 7 February 2013

A hankering for Haiku

  I've been limbering up for the big publishing day of Dark Sleepers and feeling quite nervous. The way I deal with my nervousness is in much the same way I deal with all my emotions; I write them out.

Now the publishing of my first novel is a whole different cliched ballpark to what I've ever experienced before and it has thrown up a whole multitude of reactions. Some good; elation being one of them! And a whole host of darker, meaner and crappy ones too. The big one being a huge dose of self-doubt. Something that you Americans out there seem to experience less than us Brits. And let me tell you; it can be crippling.

Anyway, to get to the point I deal with this by focussing on my Facebook community (I love you guys), and writing in small; defined ways. So Haiku it's been. 

That's my way of leading up to presenting three of them which were posted to my Facebook page in the last month.


A haiku day starts
with a bleeding sky; peeking
through the greyest cloud


Pink sky broadly fades
into another day; and
you and I awake.


Those scarlet stripes
that stream across my morning
sky; connect us here.



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