Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The no makeup selfie phenomenon hashtag

It's the strangest thing, isn't it, these fads. And as always when I decide to do something I spend ages thinking about why I've decided to do something. Too self-analytical for my own good sometimes...

I could cut to the chase and decide that I did it to support cancer research, and as my mum died of breast cancer that would be plausible. But what's the real reason behind the rise of the selfie, even with make up. 

A friend said a little while ago that he thought it was the search for a face we like. I liked that for a number of reasons, but it's a surface reason. Many people believe it's a rise in narcissism amongst the younger generation, maybe so. For me, and I do enjoy a good selfie indulgence, it's a way to view myself away from a mirror. A way to create a new character almost, a different persona, an alter ego. Or simply a way to reassure myself that I do look okay; having lacked such reassurances and being at the end of the bully's spite as a child. 

When I posted the no make up selfie and then along side one with a touch of war paint on, it was obvious to me how little difference there was - but the difference in how I felt was huge. And that got me thinking about the masks we wear and I question why. 

Then my daughter presented me with the poster below (she's been telling me for ages that I'm more beautiful WITHOUT the paint) but will I listen? :-) 

But it's prompted a poem nonetheless, even if I still don't have the answer. I'll post it tomorrow when it's finished.

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