Monday, 31 March 2014

Sonnet Challenge for the Week

I thought I'd set myself a challenge for a week as an exercise. I love writing sonnets and although an undisputed challenge I thought it might be fun to write one a day on waking, making the first line, the first thought that comes into my head. 

So here's Monday's offering. It's only had a couple of drafts and no doubt could benefit from a rewrite but this is its skeleton - hope you enjoy xx

Morning Sonnet I

I could have sworn I heard you shout my name,
In the deep dark night, in a lonely way,
Each syllable pronounced with screaming pain,
Infused with longing and  hope that I may
Put down my lover and come to your bed,
Put aside my own heart and pamper yours,
Put right which is wrong in your confused head,
Give up all that is me to attend your flaws.
A singular cause, a life's work addressed;
A manic few moments, a stranger's bed,
A panicking pause, as you demand more,
My eyes wide as skies, no passion repressed,
A lifetime of loving I choose instead - 
So I'll say: "no thanks", continue to snore. 

Morning Sonnet II coming tomorrow :-)


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