Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Morning Sonnet II

So, here's day 2. Amazing I made it this far ;-) 

The first line came to me today as I drove my children to school through the misty morning light. Hope you like it. Comment if you feel inspired xx

Morning Sonnet II

I spied the sun beyond the mist today,
the damp that chilled our bones momentary.
So I knew the trees that troubled our way
were just another flawed commentary.

I drove on, through the dawn, the windows down,
damp hair scrunched up, wild and wanton perhaps.
My eyes wide open, we approached the town,
I handed you our book of AA maps.

I always spy you sat there, outstretched hand
clasping mine tight in the gaps between gears,
holding on to me, like this was all planned,
the fog  just a blanket of fleeting fears.

Slip in beside me, close tight the front door,
show me where we’re going, ‘cause I want more.

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