Saturday, 5 April 2014

Morning Sonnet VI

Only had time for quickie this morning, so to speak (!), so please excuse the more rushed nature of this one.

I should probably say that I always revisit and edit poems after a short while of leaving them alone to breathe, so anything that is posted here is only ever a first flourish. But I've always loved the beauty of the first draft, the unconscious links that appear from the shadows, I have a dark mind.

I remember reading a Ted Hughes quote a few years ago where he described how he began a poem. He said that he picked a subject and just dived in. I think that amply describes the first draft process but as always the second, third.... twentieth draft can be a process, perhaps not of diving, but of swimming round testing the edges of the pool. A chance to find out just how deep you can go...

I hope you enjoy this one,
Love Kate x

You’re a whisper in the trembling trees,
a token won from an arcade game,
a sniff of riches mixed with fickle fame,
a beggar praying prostrate on his knees.
A fantasy place to go in my head,
the same old dream world spun out for years,
something to listen to, that you can’t hear,
a speech long written but never been said.

Or at least you like to think that’s so but
politicians spin makes you look honest
and nobody knows that more than me.
I see through the lies you weave and strut,
take account of words and time you invest,
people always see more than you think they see.

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