Thursday, 3 April 2014

Morning Sonnet IV

I've made it to the halfway point. Yay! And only a little cheat as the first line of today's came to me when I was watching a couple of teenagers on Plymouth Hoe last night.

*Disclaimer* Contains what some might consider a 'rude' word x Enjoy.

Morning Sonnet IV

He attempts seduction down on the Hoe
Tries to entice her with feeble remarks:
We’ll find a safe spot, nobody will know.
Go on, it’s secluded, it’ll be dark.

She leans on the edge of the raggedy cliff.
When will he learn that begging won’t do?
Whines are a turn off - he’ll not get a sniff,
Show her his lust and he just might break through.

Banter, a tease, is the way to her quim,
A strong hand in hers, a brisk moorland walk
Then she’d be tempted by nocturnal whim,
With a meeting of minds, intelligent talk.

Imploring is nothing more than a bore,
The biggest of turn-ons, the man who wants more.

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