Friday, 24 September 2010

Day Fifty-three

A bit of fun

My first creative writing teacher used to say that if you are not prepared to have fun with words then don't bother writing poetry and in that spirit I think I'll have a change tonight. So I've decided to copy and paste my facebook status updates for the last week and just place them in chronological order. A few line breaks here and there and voila - something that looks like a poem even if it doesn't read like one. And it doesn't. It isn't successful, but was interesting to do and kind of fun.

Actually when I posted and published it then - even the line breaks disappeared so her it is in all it's raw ugliness.


Move all booked - I guess it's really happening then... I've seen this before but his use of logic can't be beat.

Ode to Autumn - sort of! BTW Mr Pope, Hitler was a Roman Catholic. Do your research.

Snotty, but thankfully not spotty.Tidy house... tidy mind. Supposedly.

Wondering whether to tackle the jungle that is our garden first, or start painting walls, or another cup of coffee.

We skip, we trip and we find a space to rest. And in that place we may find another; riding the same self-styled regrets.

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