Monday, 6 September 2010

Day Thirty-seven

Bit tongue in cheek this one - getting into the groove again after a lovely weekend with my sister and a fabulous party.

Middle class squall

Move up, move on,
stamp on heads,
pummel pawns,
pull all else to shreds.

It is our right, after all,
to eat organic veg.
The right to drive our volvo
up a driveway lined with hedge.

If the school nearby's not good enough,
we'll move or lie or cheat.
If the council estate is deemed too rough,
if they all have three piece suites...

How can we let our kids go there?
What will they learn in a place like that?
Mix with kids with scruffy hair?
We demand outstanding and that is that.

Merely exercising our parental right.
Merely wanting what's best for our kids.
Hunter-wellied hero gunning for a fight -
Cultural diversity? God forbid!

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  1. This makes me worry about moving back to England!! just kidding x


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