Thursday, 2 September 2010

Day Thirty-three

In the Car

The first line of this poem came to me today as I was driving home from a lovely library visit with my little girl. I have kept it as a simple clear poem on purpose. Because the moment seemed to reflect it.

Beyond the Grave

My mother spoke to me today -
it was but the tiniest brush of
love. But it echoed in my bones.
It was the nudging nod of pride that
humbled me and made me gulp
the air. A guppy fish - a landed catch
breathing out its last.

She said, she'd been there all
the while. And held me in her arms.
She smiled and laughed - a ringing
bell that sounded all around.


  1. Gosh Kate, thats beautiful. Your poetry nearly always makes me cry! x

  2. oh that is so beautiful kate! I really,really love it, captures the nuance of that moment...perfect!


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