Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Day Thirty-eight

Time of the month

Well it isn't but the shadow will be upon me again!

Lady Paranoia

Darkening, bruising skies hang
heavy in my head. Binding up my
body. Fidgeting
in my belly. And
then the panic comes. She
sidles through the back door and
quickens up my heart.
She promises me
blood, but
She watches while
I eat.
Smiling coyly
she looks away. And
then she rages red and ragged -
persuades me that
I hate myself. Makes me
hold that hate up
high. And then
with one relieving,
hormonal rush
she slides away.


  1. Great poem & BOY doesn't she hold that hate up high!!! Like a nutter on pure caffeine & concrete!! Now there's illiteration for you as my son would say..

  2. Oh I love this! I have never heard a poem about menstruation before and, of course, you have hit the nail right on the head! Captured just how I feel actually! X


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