Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Day Fifty-One


Started my freewrite today by thinking about Autumn and then is transformed into something else altogether. Now I love Autumn personally but I got to thinking how other people react to this time of year and the natural closing of the growing year into the darkest days to come. And this was my response to that.

The birds feel it -
Hitchcockian they circle calling
all to their cause. Responding to that
pull to leave the decay of the
growing year. And
go - Following the sun.

But what of us -
the earth consumes us whole
and we slide deep inside.
Inch by inch - flesh, fat and
hair all sink into
her belly - our dissolving bodies polluting
her virgin bed like an
oil slick.

Regardless she holds us still -
a stillborn at its
mother's breast. She will
survive whereas
we are blood
and bones and

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  1. mmm...I love autumn, and the coming darkness of winter. I like the way you have created that feeling of going within.


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