Sunday, 15 August 2010

Day Sixteen

Poem most days!

Okay, so a poem a day has turned out to be a tad ambitious! But having said that, whenever I aim high I am happy to get as close as possible. 'Shoot for the moon, and you'll land amongst the stars': Springs to mind.

I am happy to get to 300 this year - I mean, bloody hell, 300 poems in a year. That ain't bad, is it....

So anyway I'm talking my way out nicely of the guilt that I feel for missing days - but hey, I have a life too!

Here's an unashamedly over-sentimental one that made me cry as I wrote it. I don't normally go in for this type of verse, but I'm allowing myself one... ;-)

John Denver schmaltz

Whisking yorkshire pudding
batter smooth. The roast chicken waiting
hot on a plate.

Your daughter's butterfly
kiss on your tear stained cheek. Your
half grown, shy son standing tall in
the footlights. Your hungry for success
son scoring a goal.

The sound of your car in the
driveway at the end of the
working day. And the sound of your
guitar in the evening strumming,
John Denvering
the children to sleep.


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