Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Day Thirty- one


Just had the most glorious weekend camping with dear old friends and my own dear family. Not much time for writing - but plenty for drinking, singing, fire sitting, eating, laughing and loving. It signified in a symbolic way the end of the summer for me and the return to school. There is a change a foot for my 11 year old son as he is off to big school and this one is for him.

Second Son

The map on my belly
tells me he's here. Relief lines
of our ordnance
survey. This
ribbon I wove round
family made loose
this night by
my growing boy.
Stood tall on
the eve of his
gentile bar mitzvah.
No Torah for him just a
stripey new shirt and
black nylon trousers
to boot.
But this is holy, of that
there can be little doubt.
No fear, no rabbi
to bless him -
For blessed he is

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  1. "For blessed he is nonetheless" I adore that line, and he truly is cos you're his mum xx


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