Monday, 2 August 2010

Day Two


Today has been full of my life and writing has not happened ...yet. It will. After dinner, I'll get back to it. A poem about distractions.....?

This project is for me as much about focusing on what comes up for me each day, as it is about developing my poetry skills. The two work hand in hand after all.

I'm going to do my 15 mins of freewrite now while the chicken cooks in the oven! Okay that's done. Bit saucy this one. I apologise in advance for you sensitive souls out there.


The love affair strokes your hair,
frees your mind but then you find -
An illusion born on crumpled sheets -
A mirage built by compressed heat.

The webcam whirls seeking motion.
The young girl silky, stroking lotion,
acting out your fantasy,
pulled in, pants down, for a fee.

You ride it out, pulled in deeper -
Make believe you can defeat her.
Wedded, bedded, beaded promise -
The 'I do' lie precedes the kiss.

Eat your meal of humble pie,
she makes you, takes you between her thighs.
This humid bliss -you rise, you fall -
You catch her eye - to despise is all.

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