Friday, 20 August 2010

Day Twenty

I thought tonight I might have a go at writing without the freewrite to see what happens. I anticipate that it won't flow as well and I might not get a 'diamond line' as I like to call them. So will be interesting to find out. And then tomorrow I'll take the same subject and use the freewrite to see how different it becomes. Here goes:


Our childhood surrounds us still
soaked into our skin and gilds
our hair. This shared time when
company careered loneliness
away and all it took to make us
happy was monopoly. Even if I
cheated. But I didn't cheat you -

When daddy died - you didn't
cry. Held firm in your strength for days
and days. Your tears tied up inside
as tight as piano strings.

When you released them, they flowed like

(Okay I can't do it! I've found out that the freewrite is essential to the process. I'm going to wait until tomorrow and do another rewrite...see what happens. Hey, this is interesting!)

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