Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Day Twenty-Four

Beach Day

Spent a wonderful day at the beach today. A beautiful unspoiled beach in Devon, Gara Rock - and one that we haven't been to for a while. Can't think why because it really is the best one around here.

As I was watching the children playing in the waves a freewrite came upon me and even though I'm not sure what was happening and even what a lot of it was about - it was very interesting nonetheless.

Gara Rock

This ancient sand -
crushed bones of ancient rock that
sneak between your toes and
hide a thousand ship wrecks.

This thrusting sea -
that frightens me and shells out
souls that underestimate its

These boys of mine -
that push their bodies into surf and
ride the terror waves. They go
where others dared and lost -
but even if they bleed, it's from
stigmata wounds. For men are
made in this eternal view.

The sun reflects on glassy blue.

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