Sunday, 22 August 2010

Day Twenty-Two

Sisters continued

So I found out last time that I needed the freewrite stage to get any semblance of ideas at all. It was an interesting experiment for me especially doing this form of speed writing that is my challenge. Usually of course, if I wasn't on a time schedule with this blog I would be writing a poem and taking several weeks getting it right. So although I am not producing perfect poetry I am keeping the lines to that part of my brain connected - if that makes sense. Not sure it does really!

Still here's the conclusion to Sisters.


Our childhood surrounds us still
soaks into our skin and gilds
our hair. This shared time when
company careered loneliness
away and all it took to cheer us
was monopoly. Even if I

I was always the bank.

You chased me rollerskating down
the road - that car behind us like a
hungry bear. Your neon boots
alive in the dusk.

When daddy died - you didn't
cry. Held firm in your strength for
days. Your tears tied up inside
as tight as piano strings.

But when you sing the
release is
sweeter still.

Soon we'll rollerskate round the
rooms of our old home and
it will be -

The perfect cadence at
the end of our song.


  1. ah - has Bev seen this? Bought a tear to my eye.

  2. Yes. I sent her a special message :-)) Glad you liked it my lovely. You may get one about you soon...... xxxxxxxx

  3. Am really enjoying following along on your poetry blogging journey..always interesting, always you pull a little at my heartstrings.X


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