Thursday, 12 August 2010

Day Twelve

Sylvia Plath

Hello there, this one is 14 years in the brewing and it has taken me 2 days to formulate it into what I consider worthy of a very unspecial man that I am forced to have a relationship with.

It is also inspired in part of a favourite poem of mine by Sylvia Plath called Daddy. I admire Plath greatly because she is not afraid to inject a bit of venom into her poetry and although I am naturally a fairly easy going type personality sometimes I am overcome by a little bit of venom. Who isn't?! So here's a bit of my spleen...

Step Daddy

Like rain on rhubarb you sourly
extract every bit of goodness from
the world. And give bollocks-all back.
A ton of sugar would not get
close to sweetening you.

You threw the memory of mum out with
her clothes. Taking dad's house as
if you'd earned the right to
slime up the rooms with your greed.

Your conscience rebuffed by:
It is your right.
It is your right.
It is your right.

And you gorge yourself on the
fruits of daddy's death - a
dirty, cowardly bear hiding in
your winter cave.

Shoo, shoo -
Cuckoo, cuckoo.

One day you will have to leave,
there is no other way.
And the hate you feel for me will
flower in the fuchsia bush that
mummy planted me.


  1. well done my darling, get it all out.
    The Bastard. xxx

  2. Daddy, daddy, you bastard, I'm through...

    Cheers me dear. Does feel good to vent it! xx

  3. oh that man - he still haunts my dreams - will be glad to be rid of him too. Hurting my best friend and her sister - bastard!

  4. I posted a comment here but it didn't come out! Anyway, well said. Lets manifest that shit head right out of your house!


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