Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Day Three


I've been having random thoughts today. So nothing different there. But something did come out of my freewrite and it felt random in the extreme! I had a falling out with a facebook friend a little while ago because I called her on her prejudiced status and she didn't like it. For some reason and not at all sure why, it popped up in my freewrite and and became a free style poem.

It's been a lazy day here in Devon, cloudy one minute, then raining, then sunny again. A truly random day. Perfect for some random writing!


She handles her prejudice like
a treasured gift passed down from
mother to daughter.
An heirloom shiny with
ill-thought out ideas,
hostile fears and
a mingling of emerald envy.

It's proudly displayed on a polished
shelf - dusted daily,
admired when
friends come round. The
dinner table talk turns again
and again to the hard, grey
hatred in the inlaid box.

Sometimes kind words can
tarnish the tin. Or a well-travelled guest
stains the surface facade.
And this facebooker, posh dinner
cooker packs it away again. High
on its shelf until she's asked once more:
'What's on your mind?'

Kate Sermon (2010)

That was a quick one in the end and needs polishing but according to my rules I must stop there. Quite pleased with it actually!


  1. What a brilliant poem. Enjoyed it this morning with a pot of tea and marmalade on toast.

  2. Knew you'd appreciate it Kath! And ghosthunterphil77...is that Phil-next-door-to Pete and Sioux??

  3. brilliant!! love it! Like DUHHHH...I only just realised you had a blog...I'm a real tin head sometimes....I will now be avidly following!!xx

  4. nice - said in a Fast Show style voice!


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